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Best sunscreen for dark acne-prone skin (Personal experience 2020)

Discover Your Sunscreen Savior: A Guide for Melanin Royalty Hey there, Melanin Queen/King! If you've ever battled with hyperpigmentation or darkening skin, sunscreen might just be your secret weapon. In my quest for flawless skin, I've encountered countless products, including sunscreens. Let me tell you, finding the right one for darker skin tones can be a real challenge. The worst part? Some of them leave behind a ghostly white cast, giving you that dreaded clown face effect. But fear not! More and more sunscreens are hitting the market that blends seamlessly with darker skin tones. So, I've rounded up a list of some top contenders that I've personally put to the test. Let's dive in, starting from the best: 1) Lotus Herbals Safe Sun; UV Screen MatteGel PA+++:    - SPF 50 for normal to oily skin.    - Offers protection against UVA and UVB rays.    - Say goodbye to that annoying shine with its matte finish. 2) LA ROCHE-POSAY ANTHELIOS ANTI SHINE SPF 50+:    - Provid