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Ear skin problems: Home remedies for Ear Wax Build up

Earwax build-up is a frequent skin condition in the ear, but it's nothing to worry about since it's harmless. Inside our ears, oil glands make a protective coating called cerumen. This coating catches dirt, dead skin cells, and even stray hairs that find their way into the ear canal, leading to the build-up of earwax. Interestingly, the texture and amount of earwax vary from person to person. Some people have wet earwax, while others have dry earwax.      Depending on the amount and moisture level of the wax, it can lead to various issues like ear pain, itching, ringing in the ears (tinnitus), dizziness, reduced hearing, or even complete hearing loss in the affected ear. Earwax build-up can affect anyone, but it's more common in frequent earbud users, older individuals, or those with hearing aids. In children, earwax tends to be softer and becomes drier as we age. While earwax build-up isn't usually serious and often resolves on its own without notice, it can be bothe