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Sleek Makeup CC Cream, review (Note, manufacturer has discontinued production of this item)

Let's dive into the tale of Sleek CC Cream Medium—a product that marked a significant milestone in my skincare journey. **A Light Touch on My Skin** During the early days of my skincare exploration, Sleek CC Cream Medium made its grand entrance. As my first foray into tinted products, its lightweight formula left a lasting impression. While it didn't offer full coverage, its sheer nature suited my needs perfectly. What drew me in even more was the complete transparency about its ingredients, proudly listed on the bottle—a feature that holds immense importance for me. **Shades and Coverage** Sleek offered a modest range of four shades, with Medium standing as one of the darker options. Surprisingly, the limited shade range wasn't a deal-breaker, given the light-to-nothing coverage it provided. **Complexion Corrector Extraordinaire** Billed as a complexion corrector—whatever that entailed—this product promised to treat and conceal imperfections, boasting vitamin C and an SPF