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Otentika C15 Serum Review of Side Effects ( My Rollercoaster Journey with a Troublesome Serum)

Title: My Rollercoaster Journey with a Troublesome Serum: A Skin Diary Hello, fellow skincare enthusiasts! Today, I'm sharing a rollercoaster experience with a serum that promised miracles but delivered quite the opposite. Buckle up for a ride through breakouts, doubts, and ultimately bidding farewell to a product that just didn't cut it. The Excitement Begins: It all started on a sunny Saturday, February 21st, 2015, when I got my hands on this promising serum. Eager to witness its magic, I diligently followed the instructions, applying a small amount on my dark spots before my usual cream. Days passed without any noticeable change except for a rather unwelcome shiny sheen on my face. The Unexpected Breakout: Three days in, my face decided to throw a party for some monster zits, leaving me horrified. Was I breaking out? The suspicion crept in, pointing fingers at my liberal application of the serum. Desperate for a solution, I hit the reset button, opting for a deep cleanse and