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Dry Skin, Definition, Cause, Prevention and Treatment (Simple Home Remedies)

What is dry skin? Almost everyone (adult and children) at some stage in their lives has experienced dry skin. Dry skin is one of the most common skin conditions albeit with varying severity. The term dry skin simply refers to skin that feels and looks dry. Depending on the skin tone, the term “ashy skin” is also a common description. Skin feels and looks dry when it lacks moisture in its outer layer.   Extremely dry skin could crack on the surface. The medical term for abnormally dry skin is xerosis, xeroderma or asteatosis (lack of fat).   Who gets dry skin? Dry skin can affect males and females of all ages. Sometimes children develop extreme forms of dry skin in early childhood, this is often the case when it runs in the family. Some skin conditions like atopic dermatitis have a positive correlation to dry skin. That said, studies have shown that there is some racial variability in water and lipid content of the skin. there are certain skin conditions that seem to aff