Otentika Maxitone Fade Cream Review of Side Effects

Let's dive into my first encounter with the Otentika skincare line. It all started with a recommendation whispered to me through the grapevine. Initially, I dipped my toes into the Otentika pool with their Maxitone fade cream, housed in a charming pink container. The beauty guru at the shop swore by the "pink Otentika," claiming it had worked wonders on her own dark complexion. Intrigued, I figured, why not give it a shot? After all, my skin was pretty average, so the "normal skin" label on the pink Otentika seemed like a match.

I didn't rush into using the product right away. Instead, I waited a week before diving in. The first few days felt pretty standard, except for the cream's unique texture—firm, yet oddly satisfying, with no overwhelming scent to speak of. Then, about a week in, something magical happened. My skin felt firmer, smoother, and not just on my face—everywhere. I even dared to hope that some of my pesky dark spots were fading, though it might've just been wishful thinking or a trick of the light.

But the real adventure began when I set my sights on the Otentika C15 Serum. Recommended by the folks behind the brand, it promised to kick my skincare routine into high gear. And so, my journey into the world of skincare took a thrilling turn.

After sticking with the Otentika Maxitone Fade Cream for a while, I did notice some improvements in my skin—it felt softer and smoother, which was a win. But when it came to brightening up those dark spots, the results were underwhelming. Despite sticking with it, the positive effects were overshadowed by the negative.

Unfortunately, instead of saying goodbye to those pesky dark spots, I found myself facing a new challenge: hyperpigmentation and scars from aggravated acne. It was like taking one step forward and two steps back. After persisting for 3-6 weeks, making excuses for Otentika along the way, I finally threw in the towel. I stopped using their products altogether. And guess what? No new spots! It seems like the Serum's cellulose and Oleth just couldn't get along with my skin. Or maybe, just maybe (though I hate to generalize), Otentika products might actually be causing more pimples.


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