Skin Light Body Cream Review/SKIN LIGHT CREAM JAR ‘ORANGE TOP’ – 500mls

Let me share my journey with Skin Light, a product encased in white packaging with an eye-catching orange screw cap, weighing in at 500 grams.

**A Blast from the Past**

Reflecting on my encounter with this product over 15 years ago, it's surprising how little information I could dig up, especially about the manufacturer or its ingredients—a definite cause for concern.

**From Novice to Knowledgeable**

Back then, I was a skincare novice, much like many others navigating the vast world of skincare. Let's be honest, who has the time or inclination to scrutinize every ingredient list unless you have a specific reason to?

**Lessons Learned the Hard Way**

Had I possessed the knowledge I do now about skincare chemicals, I would've steered clear of products like Skin Light. Unfortunately, I had to learn the hard way. Initially, its brightening and spot-clearing effects seemed like a miracle. It's almost addictive when you start seeing results—until the adverse effects rear their ugly head, that is.

**A Turning Point**

Skin Light's disastrous impact on my skin was a wake-up call. It spurred me to pay closer attention to my skincare routine and even start documenting my journey through blogging.

**A Grim Revelation**

My investigation into Skin Light led me down a troubling path. According to the European Commission safety gate rapid alert system, this body cream contained a hefty 4.8% hydroquinone by weight—a substance known to cause skin irritation and dermatitis. Notably, the product failed to comply with the Cosmetic Products Regulation, prompting a market withdrawal order. It was manufactured in Ivory Coast.

**A Global Dilemma**

While Skin Light faced a ban in European countries, it continues to be peddled in non-European regions.

**In Closing**

The verdict? There are undeniable health and safety concerns surrounding this product. Whether or not to use it ultimately rests with the consumer. However, in today's digital age, we have a wealth of information at our fingertips. Let's make good use of it and educate ourselves before making skincare decisions. After all, our skin deserves nothing but the best care.


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